Tomato update

I started playing hardcore heavy, goth, thrash and death metal music at my tomato plants purely as an experiment three months ago and it’s been going extremely well. I later switched to more intense music and it got even better. Last week, I tasted one of these and it turned out to be a bit sweeter than I expected. That and the size may be due to the variety of tomato rather than the music as Kelley pointed out.

Since the taste test, I actually didn’t have any time to play any music for them at all due to my schedule. I make it a point not to play the music when I’m not home in case the neighbors found it annoying and needed me to stop. But it looks like the harvest is going to continue well after since I found these…

There are three more flowering in the left background.

My windows are 54 inches from the bottom of the sill.

And here’s the full size of the plants.

Note the 12 inch ruler on the bottom right. Yes, it's growing on an easle ;)

I left two of the tomatoes from the first tree still on the tree to see how long they will last. If they fall on their own, I’m going to replant the seeds.

A small cross sample of the music I played :

  • Behemoth
  • Samael
  • Nile
  • Bolt Thrower
  • Sabaton
  • Rammstein
  • Vader (yes, that’s a real band)
  • Deathstars (no, seriously)
  • Meshuggah
  • Accept
  • Dir en Grey
  • Bluetengel
  • Angelspit
  • Terminal Choice (not exactly “hardcore”, but I just like them)
  • Suicide Commando (not “metal” so much, but again I like them)
  • Psyclon Nine
  • Gorgoroth
  • Kataklysm
  • Arsenius
  • Hipocrisy

A note on these bands : I would recommend browsing YouTube for a few of their videos in case you’re curious about the variety. That is unless you’re the religious type or a easily disturbed. ;)


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