Remember when music didn’t suck?

I was wafting through a job when I got bored and wandered onto YouTube (what end to a perfect day doesn’t start out like that these days?) From outside the window, far out on the street, I could vaguely hear a beat and the unmistakable sound of music that didn’t suck. Onward went the search terms “Ace of Base” and a bit more scrolling brought me here.

When I was a kid, Lady Gaga (thankfully) was still in Catholic school, MTV was still relevant to music and VJs were still on air (and their job fit the acronym). Reality TV was confined only to the Real World which gave people like me, who hate narcissistic douchebags, the option to browse away, reasonably confident that we won’t be confronted by more narcissistic douchebags on a different channel.

But that’s enough negativity. Here’s something uplifting…

Fun fact: I was 10 when this song came out.

…Well, back to work…

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