Time for pluckin!

So this is the end result of an experiment I started this February, where I was continuously playing hardcore thrash and death metal to my tomato plants. I should mention, I was expecting them to be slightly bigger and I don’t know if the music stunted their growth or, due to the size of the container, I inadvertantly made a bonsai.

These are slightly shy of an inch

This actually used to be the base of an old bonsai plant... that I killed inadvertantly.

If you’re wondering what that chain in the bottom is, it’s on the first post, that’s part of the easel the plant was growing on.

Guess what I’m having for dinner!



3 thoughts on “Time for pluckin!

  1. Well done! The size looks to be related to the type of tomato more than anything else. I’d say this is an unqualified success, really. Maybe they’d like a bit of Zakir Hussein next time- my herb plants like him a LOT. Variety, of course, spice of a plant’s life.

    • Thank you!

      Zakir Hussein, now there’s a name I haven’t heard of in a looong time. Ironically there may be something to that because a lot of the music I was playing had very strong precussion; only in the form of double base drums, not tabla.

      Maybe I’ll reserve a portion of the next harvest for traditional Indian music. It would be interesting to see how the two types of music will affect them differently, if at all.

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