My coffee cup broke, sadly. It’s the same measuring cup I’ve been using for breakfast for years, but I finally chipped it after accidentally hitting the edge of the counter. Luckily Starbucks came to the rescue…


On a side note, I managed to sleep in and woke up the latest in years (it’s 9:50 AM!) Bad news is that now I have to go to the bank.


4 thoughts on “Upgrade!

  1. This reminds me of my two mugs, also from Starbucks. One is white, I used it to drink coffee until I accidentally pushed it off edge of coffee table, then it broke into pieces. It was like only one-foot high, garsh! RIP, that’s my favorite coffce mug ever, nothing else can replace it. That was like three years ago. Now I use beer mug for coffee and for beer of course, I do not kid you.

    Another one has same Christmas spirit like yours in the photo. I acctually bought those two mugs together during Christmas season. It’s my water cup, love it, too

    I love Starbucks’ design.

    • Dual use beer mug, that’s awesome! But yeah, there’s really nothing to replace your favorite once it’s gone.

      Que será…

      I have a smaller cup that says “Mocha” on it which I use for water n’ stuff, but the new Starbucks mug will take on coffee duties from now on. They do have lovely desgins.

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