Tomato plants love metal

If my latest experiments with blasting music at my tomato plants are any hint, I think I may be onto something. I’m sure a lot of people have already heard that music can positively affect the growth of plants. Well my tomato plants seem to love groove metal in particular.

After a week of playing Grip Inc’s (Dave Lombardo’s band) Power of Inner Strength for two solid weeks, they’ve been faring extremely well.

Sorry about the quality; these are, once again, courtesy of my rubbish phone…


Sorry about the blur, but those are two tomato flowers


This was my mom’s idea… It’s called recycling folks! ;)

Yup, it's an easel!


I’ve always been under the impression that I had the horticulture eqiuvalent of the Dim Mak (death touch) in that any plant that I touch, water or otherwise breath on will shrivel up and die within a few days. Metal may be the perfect antidote.

I wonder if thrash metal will have an even bigger effect. I’m thinking of also playing Pantera’s Cowboys from Hell and Vulgar Display of Power or even some Testament and older stuff from Slayer and Megadeth, but considering the level 11 threshold of awesome placked into such works, I may inadvertantly end up stripping the plant of its leaves and will to live. Let’s try baby steps first…


16 thoughts on “Tomato plants love metal

  1. I never would have suspect the gentle tomato of being a metal fan! But then again, having gotten tomato juice into a fresh cut, I know they aren’t always so gentle!

  2. We’re impressed. Our tomatoes are still seeds!!!

    The Partner recommends an easing in musical tomato program: Metallica backed by the San Francisco Symphony. Then, on to Slayer. It worked on ME.

    • Haha! That certainly is a charming combination. Who wouldn’t be affected? :D

      I think old Metallica backed by Apocalyptica as a stand-in for the San Francisco Symphony would work nicely as well.

      • Haha, I have a feeling tomatos get more acidic with the harshness of the music they’re exposed to.

        Maybe these would be new super-tomatos that will grow arms and fingers and start shredding on a guitar :D

  3. yes! it’s probably gonna be a super version, or an ANGRY TOMATO! lool
    p.s. it should be very early in America now. you stayed up all night?

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