36 Hours uptime, 3 hours down. Don’t have the energy to do anything else except watch some TV before bed.

Will be returning to the regular post schedule sometime next week so for now, instead of a full post, I’ll just leave you with some Maximum the Hormone.


9 thoughts on “Exhausted

    • Day job as a consultant (reason for my wrinkles)
      Night job as a programmer (reason for my gray hair)

      All in all, my work is probably the reason I’m now a very, very old man :P

  1. consultant, that sounds like a decent and very high-tech job, lol.
    but it’s a bit strange for me that if you have a job as consultant in daytime, why still take a programmer one at night?

    p.s. i’d like to see your wrinkles if you would like to show me ;)

    • The programming job is just for additional support. I have a mortgage and other bills so it doesn’t hurt to have additional income. Also I plan to retire as quickly as possible from the tech industry because I hate it [“hates computers and technology” ;) ]… Now that I think about it, would have liked to have been a carpenter instead. Or an artist, even though I can’t draw lol.

      I don’t know if you’d really like to see what I look like because I’m also horrendously ugly.

  2. ah, i c. doing sth you hate is a bit suffering. retirement is always best ;) carpenter sounds great(!)
    what i could only tell is i feel there’s a beautiful soul inside. this is sth apperance will never have an impact on :)

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