Site of the Week: Bella De Soto’s Web Site

This is probably the first entry in the series where I have to include an actual browser warning.

WARNING: There’s a high probability that your browser may blow up.

Bella De Soto is apparently a political activist/political hopeful and clearly a despiser of Bush policy. The site has seemingly been frozen since 2005, though “frozen” is hardly the operative word considering the design is straight from the 1990’s. Which is appropriate since the site itself seems to be on crack.

Bella De Soto

This is the first website I’ve ever seen where this much information has been placed in one page at a time. Imagine every page is a category from your blog and every post in that category appears on that page. The page scrolls on much further to the right and below, but this is all I could capture on even my 1920 x 1080 desktop monitor.

In case you missed the navigation on the front page, it’s here :

I was again going to include a screenshot of the whole screen, but then I thought there's no way anyone would see the red circle.

Among the clutter, I somehow managed to find her resume.

Holding proven & broad experience in the Bookkeeping/General Accounting field, reflecting the bottom line, with essential interpersonal skills such as, attention to detail, organization, diligence, resourceful and communication, that can greatly benefit any progressive firm.

Well, she is certainly detail oriented, that’s for sure.

She may be the most competent bookkeeper in the world, but this is an atrocity. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Ever. I don’t have a lot of time to spare these days, but if Bella is interested, I’m certainly willing to volunteer my consultation services for free so she can get a new design.

Considering the site is from 2005 and this is an archive, she may not be interested, but this abomination doesn’t belong with the name of someone trying to take herself and her message seriously.

One thought on “Site of the Week: Bella De Soto’s Web Site

  1. Bella De Soto was about the worst employee a company could have. As a telemarketing exec, I worked with her in LA in the 1990’s – and a more thick-headed, stubborn individual you’d be hard pressed to find. Selfish, flaunting her disobedience of company workplace rules and etiquette, constantly misrepresenting what was being sold on the phone were just some of the reasons she was asked to leave.

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