Small and Common Sense Living

Ever think to yourself how much of what you own is actually making you happy? Or how about whether the house you live in is actually sustainable in terms of budget and the environment? How much of our legal system and social norms force people into houses they don’t need?

What would you really consider to be a home vs just a house?

Jay Shafer talks a little about how we’ve talked, legislated and fooled ourselves into a type of living that’s making most of us fundamentally unhappy and, in many cases, homeless and destitute instead of enjoying life.

Tim Guiles goes into more detail in exploring this what we need vs what we want problem… that shouldn’t really be a problem in the first place. He also goes into the experience of decreasing living space as construction begins only to increase dramatically as the windows are installed. Touching on Jay Shafer’s comments above, it’s the sense of bringing the outside environment indoors.


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