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I’ve been fascinated with the Pantheism movement for a very long time and this is probably the closest modern, spiritually prefaced, interpretation of the age long idea of not [pooping] where you eat. I.E. Live and let live, responsibly. is a good resource for people just starting to learning the details.

Are you searching for a path which focuses on Earth in the Cosmos, rather than some imaginary beyond? Are you more concerned with saving the planet than saving your eternal soul?
Do you hunger for a spirituality that respects individual choice rather than pushing prejudice down people's throats, and that values reason rather than fanaticism?
Do you find it impossible to believe in supernatural beings, and difficult to conceive of anything more worthy of the deepest respect than the beauty of Nature or the power and mystery of the Universe?
Do you feel a deep sense of peace and belonging and wonder in the midst of Nature?
If you answered yes to these questions, then you will feel at home in the World Pantheist Movement.


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