Discussion Forum mockup

I love Sundays. Not just because there’s no post on Sundays as Vernon Dursley from Harry Potter would infer, but it’s because I get to sleep late some days.

This morning, I put together a quick HTML mockup of the original front page sketch of the discussion forum I talked about a few days ago. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied at how close it came to the Photoshop version and, aside from a few rough edges, I think it accomplishes pretty much everything I want in a “Home” page.

Now I just need to put together the “Tag” page where users can browse all posts under that tag (pretty similar to the “Author” page where users can see all posts under a particular user) and something like a very simple dashboard for the “My Account” page where users can keep track of their subscriptions.

I think it’s best to keep everything organized via feeds for this. If all subscriptions are done in RSS, I think it would be easier for mobile users as well.

I’ll make any changes to the HTML layout on the mockup and start the backend work soon.


4 thoughts on “Discussion Forum mockup

    • Haha! Thanks!

      I guess all those years of getting yelled at for being a day late or a pixel too short (or too long) on a project are starting to pay off :P

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