Site of the Week: Kevin’s Micro Homestead

I’ve always been a fan of simple living and tiny houses in particular really pique my interest. Imagine my surprise when someone actually went into details of building a small, but oh-so-livable and lovable, cabin on a budget.

I’m totally building this cabin as soon as I can buy some new land!

Simple Living Small Space Living Freedom

Kevin goes into the details of not just this cabin, but the basics of construction including insulation, framing and foundations, which are applicable to most homes. He also has a YouTube page where he shows step-by-step instructions and check out his Facebook page for updates.

So far he has made 15 videos as of this post on building a simple cabin and there’s no fancy production or showy stuff. Just a guy who knows what he’s doing and showing the rest of us.

Update January 19th

I had linked a whole bunch of his videos (15 in fact) on this page, but it was really starting to slow down my blog. I’ve left a few of the videos here as a small cross sample so please visit and subscribe to his YouTube page instead.

Tiny house 3

Tiny house 4

Tiny house 5

Tiny house 6

Tiny house 7


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