Living in a tiny house

Living large (in a tiny house)

Dee Williams lives in a solar and propane powered house in a friend’s back yard and pays no rent or mortgage. Now that’s what I call living! For someone who’s worked as an investigator for the Washington State Department of Ecology, she has really toned down on excess by focusing on only what she really needs. Puts a whole new perspective on living large.

The 89 Square Foot house tour

This man decided to give up living in an enormous house that was actually taking up more money to just heat and instead built his own little cabin on wheels. The trailer build gets around local building codes, as he points out, contain provisions put in place by the housing and insurance industry lobby.


Is a small company by Jenine Alexander and Amy Hutto that builds tiny houses on trailers. It originally started with Jenine wanting to build a tiny house of her own, which she did on a trailer. You may notice a lot of tiny houses are on trailers for mobility and to get around those pesky redundant codes.

This is Jenine’s house:

A Forgeahead product on display. Turns out, people still react negatively to this even though they’re not harming anyone:

More on the same tiny house. What’s amazing is that each one is absolutely unique (depending on where the materials and supplies came from):

Living small

Larger houses contribute more to greenhouse emissions and polution. This is a short video shows how building small can be more energy efficient and still functional


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