Nostalgia: A History of Windows Startup and Shutdown themes

You know you’re a child of the 80’s when your nostalgia includes memories of the Windows OS, specifically the startup and shutdown themes. I have to say that Windows 95 and 2000 had the best startup music of the entire series. A few of the betas also had great music, but it’s a shame they never made it to the final release.

If only these OSes had the same creativity and care when it came to the internal plumbing and security, Microsoft would have left the greatest legacy in the computing world.


4 thoughts on “Nostalgia: A History of Windows Startup and Shutdown themes

  1. Really is a shame… There is some great music there. Some of them are pretty intense for just starting up your computer, but they would have left quite a mental impression. I didn’t get on board before XP, so these are new to me. I never imagined…

    • The start/end themes along with some of the artwork are really the highpoints in the Windows line. Most of everything else was left to bureaucrats and accountants and sadly the creativity ended there.

      That beautiful Windows 95 startup theme was from Brian Eno who, ironically, created it no a Mac. He never really used PCs therefore Windows.

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