Site of the Week: CHEMELEC

It has a design from the early days of the Internet (circa 1995). All the flashy icons, the abysmal HTML (I.E. no <body> tag, inline fonts, tables for everything), and it came online in 2002. But it’s written by a guy who really enjoys his hobbies in electronics.

Gary from Canada has everything from electronic circuits to “Adult Pickup Lines” on his site; it’s just a playground for someone to dump his life online… like a blog, but less pretentious and very, very, very old school. And I love it!

I Remember when we had TV Antennas and Reception was Free. And with the 8 channels I recieved there were always some Good Programs on.

Now I have Satellite reception, with over 100 channels, Pay $50.00 Per month and there is Nothing worth watching.

If this isn’t grandpa going online, I’m not sure what is. The guy really doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone else thinks, but knows exactly what he wants. How else would you classify a someone willing to put his polarbear swim online :

Need I say more?

Update March, 2012

Gary is in the process of moving his site to Be sure to check it out!


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