It’s been a few weeks since I was whining about how I kept getting mistaken for a girl on the phone sometimes so my friends thought it was a good idea to add salt to the wound.

These arrived well before Christmas, but were sitting in the lobby office because I was practically running all over the place before Christmas and only came home to crash.

They weren't ticking... good news

And what were in the packages?

From left-right, top-bottom : Zippo lighter, cigarette case, Zippo flints, Zippo lighter fuel

Now I don’t smoke, never have, but I did comment that maybe I should start to add more base to my voice… it was a joke!

But thanks, fellas. I think I will keep the collection. The lighter will come in handy during an emergency and I already found the cigarette case makes a dandy business card holder.

Ooh, shiny!

These cards never had it better

I’m off to an event this weekend, so in case I don’t get back to post here soon…

Happy New Year!

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