The creepiest spam comment ever!

I really don’t enjoy seeing things like this, especially before I’ve had coffee. I don’t know if it was sheer desperation for attention or whether this was just a randomly scanned bit of text, but sincerely hope it’s the latter.

And then when the blood started coming in gushes and gushes I new that the pregnancy was all over and that the little soul had already gone to the next world, and that there was nothing I could do.





… Also, ew!

See this is why I’m voting for the Spammers Tarred and Feathered party. Don’t know about the rest of their platform policies (something about free LSD and marijuana victory gardens), but I’m all for them!


4 thoughts on “The creepiest spam comment ever!

  1. I was searching around to see if anyone else was experiencing a massive increase in spam this month (December) and it’s still rolling on in. I’m talking like 50-100 times that normal amount of turd droppings. I wonder if a new auto-spamming plugin came out. And yeah this beats the strangest comment spam i have ever personally gotten. Some of these people will try anything under the sun to drop a turd on your site. LOL Thanks for the laugh. :)

    • Glad to spread the joy :)

      There definitely was a spike in the spam; around 50 times for me too. Worryingly there were a lot more that Akismet filter missed December.

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