Permanently turning off Google Instant

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I really do enjoy using the “Back” button. It helps me keep track of what I already searched and, in my old “almost 30” age, I need to save my sanity as much as I can.

I put up with this for a long time now, but apparently all the new changes to the Google homepage came with an auto-falconpunchtogroin-reset feature.

I was going into the search settings and changing this, but if I check my Gmail, logout, and go back to a Google search, whatever settings I saved are all gone. It also seems to randomly change back at times.

So here’s the next best solution; instead of, make the following your homepage URL instead :

(Edit 12/22 : You can also use the Firefox start page instead which is much leaner and still be able to keep the autocomplete, which I did find useful at times.)

This way, you don’t have to bother with settings or punching your screen in frustration, which I have to be really careful about with my girly hands and all.

It strikes me as odd that a company that allegedly prides itself in “Dogfooding” (I.E. eating its own dogfood — a term used internally in the company when releasing new services and features) would find no one in the office that would consider this asinine in the extreme.

Also, I seem to be correct that this HTML5 trend is pushing more and more client-side scripting junk on the browser and Google among others are forgetting the fact that part of the reason it became famous (aside from search accuracy) was that it was simple.


3 thoughts on “Permanently turning off Google Instant

  1. Thanks for a great article, that I TOTALLY agree with. I don’t understand WHY Google or other companies want to fix something that “IS NOT” broke. The new page is bulky, ugly and VERY hard to use.

    Thanks so much for the link listed above, and I have replaced my Home Link with that instead of just

    I also agree with all these scripts, they just bog down the sites and my computers as well.

    Google needs a “Wake Up” call, so they can get back on track and STOP trying to run the World. No one company should have their hand in this many parts of our Life or Online experience.

    Thanks again, for a terrific article and especially for the link, as I could NOT stand the new Google Search Page anymore.


    • Thanks, Cher. Glad it was helpful.

      Scary isn’t it? How much they really do control access to knowledge.

      As for the new design; honestly, they could at least provide a “lo-fi” version to the “hi-fi” mess. I mean this is Google for crying out loud!

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