Simply: The HTML5 version

A little while ago, I created a simple, stripped down theme for blog/personal site use. Over time, there were some requests to streamline things a bit and recently I’ve been getting more and more requests to rewrite it in HTML5.

So here is that version in the 5th iteration by request :

Simply: The HTML5 version.

I’m not sure if this is “better” than the XHTML version other than I had the chance to make a few fixes and clean up some things. I still have a few doubts about how much HTML5 will improve the actual browsing experience in general. If anything, HTML 5 seems to be encouraging more and more code bloat in that web designers are squeezing in more and more client-side scripting with no regard to efficiency.

And in reply to the following :

Do you have like a border-radius fetish now? Looks like you’re putting it in practically every element in your newer stuff.
– Max.

Yes I do.


7 thoughts on “Simply: The HTML5 version

      • I was actually working at Google this past summer (my internship) when they were doing the initial “dogfood” rollout of the new layout. I quite literally did not hear a single word of praise from anyone face to face; I heard nothing but praise and exultation from anyone in a PR role. I personally don’t care for it, but it’s looking like it’s here to stay, so I’m sucking it up.

      • This really is its inherent weakness. There’s little outside perspective and what little dissent remains is not expressed. When everyone involved in the testing process has something to gain, you just won’t see any protests.

        The good news is that at least the Firefox startpage is relatively lean, so at least I can keep to that.

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