5 thoughts on “Transparent Evangelism no longer Transparent

  1. Hello, Passpack was a small company with the dream of protect privacy of the users creating a framework for privacy. We started with password in order to show that the technology was secure. When we had this accident, we were just funded and we were completely without experience. So we did a lot of mistakes. Just few months and it was clear that the company can not resist and in few months the company was again a startup of two people. From more than a year the company is just me. Our dream is dead years ago. Now, we have revenues, but they are just sufficient to mantain a service that our customers love. From a business point of view, the only thing to do is to turn-off the service, but from an ethical point of view I continue to support it because there isn’t a real alternative for our users. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Sullo! Thanks for dropping by.
      Sorry to hear about the company, but I hope all else is well. BTW, Good to hear evangelism is dropped.

      I presume your advice comes from the impression that this is a variation on the book cipher. The method isn’t really a secret, since any decent attacker would attempt pattern matching as a first step.

      Even if I were to enter two passwords on an attacker’s site, none of my passwords come from the same source.

      The weakness in a book cipher is commonality. If the source is not known or even if it’s a phrase as you put in your Passpack is not LastPass post, “if you can not defend yourself, you need a big friend that can defend both of you”, if not made public, no attacker could figure out. Which incidentally would be turned into :


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