Will be the brand name for the soap project I’ve been brewing in the back burner all this time. And I do mean soap, not SOAP; thought I’d clear that up with this being a programmer’s blog and all. Unfortunately Xipe alone was taken in most cases for web presence, but I settled on Xipe.us or Xipe Us after the domain for the project in most of those cases. This was all settled last year, but this is the first chance I got to return to the project.

I have finally settled on a set of soap recipes that will work for my purposes and was waiting until I had settled into the new apartment. My trip to Sri Lanka also delayed things a bit, but it was much more important, obviously, so I didn’t have a choice but to push things back.

The new brand logo will be simple, but bold and striking and, perhaps more importantly, easily recognizable.

New Xipe brand.

I figured, plain black and white is the way to go with this.

What will make this different from the millions of others out there? Actual quality. I was originally planning this as a luxury brand, but considering the economy, I’m not sure if I’ll follow that route, but I’m not going to compromise quality. Every ingredient will be carefully selected after researching the sources thoroughly and this will be as environmentally friendly as practically feasible. I won’t spare expenses where quality and efficiency are concerned.

I’m planning on going public with the actual product on December 21st, 2012 (there’s a good reason for this which I’ll elaborate later).

I originally wanted to go with the Ouroboros logo as featured on practically everything here, but I thought this will need a more friendly image. Besides, the Ouroboros is more of a personal logo and brand than a product logo. I may still use part of the internal designs for the labels.

Soap labels

Original label concepts

And so forth…


3 thoughts on “Xipe

  1. We like this! you probably know Xipe is the flayed god in Mexican indigenous iconography- he sacrificed himself so all the other gods and humans could live. We’re crossing our paws for your enterprise’s success!

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