Site of the Week: mincasa

Mincasa is a blog dedicated to minimal housing and I must say, almost every entry is as wonderful as the last. This is an examination of how little it takes to live comfortably and maintain your privacy. I have always wanted to live in a small house with just the bare essentials and the last year, especially when I was going through a difficult time securing a loan for a new apartment, I almost bought some property to build a small house to live in instead.

mincasa – a minimal blog for minimal houses

The design of these houses are simply magnificient and I hope to see more and more of these than the (empty) pseudo castles that scatter across the country. The houses are as much a shelter as they are works of art.

Today’s entry is actually thanks to Kelly who reminded me that the simple life really is the best life by posting a comment on my last post. I haven’t done this in over a year and it’s time to start again. Hopefully, we’ll have a new Site of the Week every Tuesday and, as soon as I get a chance to watch one, we’ll restart the Movie of the Week again every Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Site of the Week: mincasa

  1. Why, thank you, E! This site is really interesting, too. Our yurt is more industrial strength than the yurta on mincasa but nonetheless: MINIMAL. Less really is more most of the time. With certain exceptions like…er…laundry……..

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