The Eagle has Landed

Well, it landed a week ago actually and I’m currently making this post from Sri Lanka. Me and my mom have been wanting to take a trip back home for quite some time, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to do so for any meaningful stretch of time; I did’t want to just visit for a week.

I could have posted a while ago, but some technical issues and Jet Lag prevented me from doing so.


Apparently I forgot we use 220 Volt electrical connections here instead of the 115 in the U.S. and the plugs were totally different. We also needed to get Internet access which was a bit more difficult than it should have been considering I didn’t have a permanent ride and public transportation carries its own set of hiccups for Singlish (English + Singhalese shaken, not stirred) speakers.

Some things made it blatently obvious that I’m not in New York any more (besides the language and abundance of three-wheeler taxis). Namely this fellow lurking in the bathroom…


I let the fellow be after I took this shot, but then had to remove it after being threatened with a broomstick bravely volunteered to remove it before my mom could use the shower.

I’ll post more after I recover from the culture shock and jet lag.

3 thoughts on “The Eagle has Landed

  1. The good news is you can’t electrocute yourself- look at that spiffy button on the outlet! I swatted a half size version of your BFS in our “bathroom”, too. Anyway this sounds exciting. And there ARE bears in Sri Lanka, aren’t there?

    • Spiffy indeed. And a bonus: The outlet power sockets actually seal themselves with a plastic door inside until the ground pin goes in first. No need for child safe plug protector thingies here ;)

      We do have bears in the forests and on our camping trip, I’m sure I’ll come across one of these. Best news… they don’t fancy humans for supper :)

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