Simply: A stripped down blog theme

I’ve had a few requests lately for a stripped down and simplified version of the Mod Portal, but didn’t get a chance to create one until recently. One request from Jacob asked for it to have “not as many features”… I guess that’s a nice way of asking for something that didn’t include the kitchen sink ;)

Mod Portal was originally written as part of a design tutorial almost three years ago and really did morph into a CMS template. Although it also includes a page variation for a blog (a post index), there were a lot of added stuff in the CSS and the html that wasn’t needed for a blog.

So, here’s a theme based on Mod Portal with none of the fluff. It’s designed to have the absolute bare essentials for a blog or personal site, contains fonts and sizes that are easy to read and very lightweight in CSS and XHTML. A lot of the base still came from Mod Portal, but this one doesn’t even have any JavaScript. This is by far the simplest theme I’ve done in a while.

Simply screenshot

4 thoughts on “Simply: A stripped down blog theme

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