Section5 – A design theme

A couple of years ago, I posted a design tutorial based on Kyle Neath’s Hemmingway template. The end product actually looked nothing like the source of inspiration, but that’s the way it should be and usually does end up sometimes.

Today, I’m releasing that end product (after a loooong wait) as a complete download with some added features such as jQuery validation and autocomplete functionality.

The theme includes the basics of the average community website with article/blog posts, comments and a discussion forum. I used a base version of this already in my Linq to SQL Simple CMS series, but that’s just a starting point. In the end, I hope to release a complete community solution that can be installed used on an MVC 2 capable web host.

Update 12/31

Last day of the year, and I thought I’d post an update on what the theme looks like now. I’ve refined it in the later versions and added some color accents.


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