Site of the Week: The Brown Corporation

I would have never dreamed of coming up with the product name for this company’s lineup. At least there’s no mistaking the function…. 

The Brown Corporation

A lightweight portable cardboard toilet.


This has got to be the best named product I’ve come across in a loooong time. And I have to admit, it is ingenious. 

I actually came across this product while watching an episode of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson “tested” this, but the prototype proved too flimsy to support his full frame. I’m actually tempted to buy some in case of an emergency if they become available in the U.S.


3 thoughts on “Site of the Week: The Brown Corporation

  1. I think I saw this on Top Gear!

    Jeremy made an arse of himself testing it, and nearly broke his arse, but they said that was just the demo ;) . Like Konrad said, it’s just a very expensive cardboard box.

  2. Well gents, I can be sure that an expensive cardboard box is still a good substitute considering the alternative ;)
    I saw that on Top Gear too! In fact, the episode just came to mind and I Googled the brand name.

    Long time no see, Konrad!

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