Disgusting Saturday


The following may be disturbing for some readers. If you’re squeamish about bodily peculiarities, you may want to move along.

I had a bad case of the seasonal allergies yesterday. I’m fairly sure I wandered into a pollen cloud somewhere or maybe I touched something really dusty and inadvertently touched my nose. Either way, it was Benadryl Friday.

Today I still had the sneezing and sniffles, though nothing remotely as bad as yesterday. The interesting part started this evening after all of that subsided somewhat. I suddenly started to feel as if there was a foreign body in the back of my throat. Taking a closer look in the mirror, I did find a foreign body. A small white foreign body sticking out near the tonsils.

This UTO (Unidentified Throat Object) had a vaguely familiar sensation and it was when I finished gargling for the fifth time to get rid of it (unsuccessfully) that it finally came back to me. Something very similar happened a few months ago, where I felt a strange sensation there. I didn’t know what it was and I didn’t have a mirror handy, but it was gone after a good cough. I never did figure out what it was back then.

Well today, I had to resort to manual extrication. Using a cotton swab, I slowly applied pressure on the tissue above the object and moved downward until it came out of the cavity where it was lodged.

And Behold…

Ever the scientist, I also had to measure it.


So apparently I don’t have a tumor back there; just a nasty surprise.

These white objects found at the back of one’s throat are called Tonsilloliths or informally, Tonsil Stones. They appear for any number of reasons from an amalgamation of mucus secretions, bacteria, dead cells, food particles or some combination of all of them. But for me, I think my allergies had something to do with it. On both occasions, I had gone through a bad allergy attack the day before.

There’s an entire website dedicated to this one phenomenon. Let’s call that the most recent entry for the Site of the Week

The only “cure” it seems for this occasional annoyance is a tonsillectomy, though I’m not quite ready to go under a knife just yet. But I’m glad that I at least now know what it was.


6 thoughts on “Disgusting Saturday

  1. Good heavens! That sort of makes me think of an old Procol Harum song. You ARE brave. Additionally there is no guarantee that removing the tonsils will actually prevent the dynamic from recurring so no reason to rush in for THAT. You might ponder taking an herbal allergy remedy on a more or less consistent basis during Allergy Season, to keep the mucus thinner. I think I’ve said enough here……

    • I did indeed consider it, but as you said there’s no reason to rush in for that. And you’re right, there had been instances where a tonsillectomy didn’t prevent this from happening in some people. Either way, I think I need to see an ENT specialist the next time I go through this.

      I’m a bit wary of taking medication for every ailment so a natural alternative may be the way to go.

  2. Well, Bears aren’t supposed to be allergic, but THIS ONE IS. So, keeping the mucus thinned out is important, I’ve found. Otherwise There Is All Sorts of Fun To Be Had, as you know. Hard to know which is worse tho: the Tonsil Stone or the ENT visit.

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