Stop Live Messenger from starting when checking email

It’s almost diabolically ingenious how Microsoft introduces features that drive you up the wall. What really gets you is how they think they know how you want to use your computer better than you do. Or why else would they force Live Messenger to start up each time you check your Hotmail account.

Well, if you don’t want to get rid of Messenger altogether and you’re not checking your email in Firefox, you need to disable the Live Messenger add-on in Internet Explorer.

Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons and select “Run without permission” in the Show dropdown.

“Run without permission”… Don’t ya just love that?

In the list of add-ons, find and disable every instance of msgsc.14.0.8089.0726.dll. If the file name column isn’t showing up, right-click on the fields on top and select Columns > File. Restart IE, and you should be able to check your email in peace.

You will still keep getting an annoying tooltip on the status bar when you sign in, but at least that will go away on its own.

Add-on disabled

Yeah... And it stays disabled!


10 thoughts on “Stop Live Messenger from starting when checking email

  1. You know? The Partner takes a Dim View of Microsoft in its’ entirety. You, however, blessedly, seem to have a dab hand with this stuff and it is nice you are generous with the info. I think I would have shot someone by now at this juncture. I almost did, before……but that was in the wayback machine days of DOS. Yeugh. Love my Mac, seriously.

  2. Aaaah DOS… I miss ye dearly.

    My attachment to Microsoft is a bit like a technological Stockholm Syndrome. It’s a daily series of punches to the nose that for some reason makes me think… “hmm… this is sort of nice”.

    Sadly, my work depends on a lot of tools that are unavailable for the Mac, but I think Apple really found the Goldilocks zone in terms of popularity vs usability.

    • Microsoft: you’ll have a button for absolutely everything…though it usually doesn’t work.

      Apple’s OS is impressive – I am partial to the fact that its hybrid kernel includes BSD – but of particular interest to me is the reliability of its hardware. I’m more than happy to pay an “Apple tax” if it means the laptop I buy will last for 3-5 years without hardly a hardware hiccup.

      Alliteration aside, I do indeed remember the days before the demise of DOS (man, I’m on a roll today). Those were good days – being able to “exit” Windows 3.1 and still play games :)

      • Yeah, in C:\> cd games ;)
        Like PITFALL!! Although that was Win 95.

        Apple is really a posterchild for tight hardware software integration. It works because one is specifically engineered to complement the other.

        If one were to take any of the BSD flavors or a Linux distro and carefully tailored it to a hardware platform, you will get very similar results. Although the UI would probably not be as nice.

        Half the Windows issues in the past really come from both it and all other software for the platform trying to be everything to everybody and aggravating all of them in the process. Well, that and the fact that no one can see how much left over crud from the last decade and a half is still in there.

  3. Well…most have found out that the above instructions don’t work. It re-enables itself. The real answer and solution is so simple. Sign into messenger….tools/options/security. Uncheck ‘Open Windows Live Messenger when I click on a webpage that tries to interact with Windows Live Messenger’. Done.
    Thanks for all the help microsoft :(

  4. Only a reatarded clown would try to force an annoying function like running messenger everytime you log into hotmail. What the hell is wrong with these morons at microsoft?
    I am using firefox and I have no idea how to stop messnger from running in hotmail. If I wanted the blood thing to log me into messnger everytime i check my inbox I wouldnt have put my freakin messnger status as “APPEAR OFFLINE” which by the weay has no effect when you loginto hotmail. DAM THESE MONKEYS AT MICROSOFT!!!!

  5. ^Sorry about my typo’s I am really annoyed and upset at the moment, I unintentionally accepted invites on my messenger which turned out to be bots advertising porn sites and soon as I logged into check my hotmail the messenger service popped up with these idiots asking me to visit their webcam to see them naked, i couldnt even block them because there is no freaking block otion for messenger within hotmail. I had to run msn messenger seperately to block and delete the contacts.

    • @Annoyed,

      I feel your pain :(

      I would take a peek at the plugins currently installed in Firefox and check if the Live plugin is installed. If it is, disable it and try again.

      Alternatively, you may want to uninstall Messenger completely and instead use Pidgin or Adium so you can still use MSN.

  6. none of these worked for me!! did the entire still shows..”signed in two places”…any other options out there…i do like my messenger, its just when i check my mail, i don’t always want to be “signing in”

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