RIP My Acer

Well, this time I actually had a technical hiccup that kept me from updating rather than the usual Me vs. Humanity ordeal that I’m so used to.

After 5 years of faithful service, the hard drive finally failed on my Aspire 9300. Well, actually it’s been failing for quite some time with clicking, gridning and stuttering noises so it wasn’t really a surprise when it went. I’ve usually had good luck with Acer products in the past and I think this was a result of a lot of abuse. I took this thing practically everywhere all this time and it was pretty much a desktop replacement in every sense of the term. I can imagine the drive took quite a few shocks during this time.

I could have simply replaced it with a drive, but it was starting to show its age. Besides, it was time to move on to something that I could enjoy as a media machine from time to time rather than just a work computer.

After what might seem a hypocritical move on my part after one particular previous post, I went again with a Dell. But I did make sure this system comes with a full recovery CD, so not entirely a 180° in that regard.

The good news is that the Studio 15 (1558) pretty decent system and, for $649  + tax and shipping, not a bank breaker. The bad news is that I don’t like the keyboard at all, which is too clicky and noisy, and it doesn’t have a number pad because the screen size won’t allow it. But those are minor complaints. Considering the screen quality is very nice, and it’s quite a bit lighter than my old Acer (no more aching shoulders), I’m pretty happy with it so far. And the Speakers are OK.

The Dell Dock is basically a Mac OS X dock clone, but not quite. I took out the preinstalled McAfee suite, put on Avast instead and toned down Aero.

Oh, and Windows 7 is still Windows…

Explorer Frozen

Windows Explorer is not responding... Like my ex girlfriend.


3 thoughts on “RIP My Acer

  1. Windows Explorer is not responding… Like my ex girlfriend.

    ICE BURN! :P

    You’re a braver man than I in going with Dell laptops; I have yet to have any luck with them. I supported them when I was employed as IT Support with Georgia Tech, and all my friends seemed to purchase them as well, and between those two arenas I have almost zero happy stories to relate. Hard drive failures were by far the most common, but random other hardware failures plagued these systems, and I would never buy nor recommend one, in my own experience at least. I suppose it’s comforting to know that someone else has had more success than I have.

    • Oh yes, the drives were, and by most accounts still are, rubbish. Dell makes fine laptops if you don’t plan to use them for their intended purpose… I.E. carry around. Lately though, their laptop reliability has improved somewhat and the Studio 15 had some pretty good reviews.

      I just hope the battery doesn’t blow up and burn down the house.

      BTW… my old Inspiron 8200 is still running on only its second drive ;)
      And at almost 10lbs it makes a dandy self defense weapon if necessary.

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