Site of the Week: Pencil talk

If I ever have a piculiar obsession, aside from soap, it has to be stationary. Whether it’s writing utensils or media, I can’t help but admire the effort and engineering that goes into old fasion “pen-to-paper” aides. Pencils in particular tend to catch my eye and I think it may be some terribly strong nostalgia to the good old ways of sharing ideas vs. the high-tech alternatives we’re forced to use these days.

Pencil talk

...a meditation on the basic tools used by writers, artists, students, and office workers, and how these tools influence us.

What’s really astonishing is the sheer breadth and debth exploring this often forgotten segment of modern civilization.

Whether you’re interested in industrial design, engineering, the tools of writing or are just a good old fashioned geek, this is a site worth exploring today.


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