Mondays: As an image

Seizure warning!

If you’re prone to dizziness, nausea or other symptoms of epilepsy, you should probably skip this post.

There seems to be a culture of institutionalized stupidity and incompetence that gets tolerated in many offices. Rather than blaming workers alone, I think this is only a symptom of a much more invasive problem. I.E. NASA being run by accountants.

When you’re forced to cope with a degree of ingrained obstinacy for one reason or another and the higher-ups are unable to dig out of their own cultural Grand Canyon or scale K2 scale egos, the end result is an exodus of  employees and some leftovers who are essentially apathetic enough to accept the proverbial boot between the buttocks.

If I had to put what Mondays are like for me at work these days into the form of an image, it would probably be like the following…

MY EYES!! BTW... This is what happens when I suddenly remember I have Adobe ImageReady installed on my laptop.


I don’t think I’ll be working here for very long…


2 thoughts on “Mondays: As an image

  1. Leave now, dear. Put it All Down and Step Away. Take it from one who knows. Once your sanity is lost in these situations it doesn’t come back for a long, long time. And you need it. High five paws to freedom, dude.

    • Aye!

      I really miss the days where I was working for mom and pop outfits. If something was stupid, we would just come out and say “this is stupid; let’s not do it” and be praised for the foresight and directness.

      Honestly we managed to accomplish so much with literally a shoestring budget by just being direct and operating sans BS. Now we have to walk on egg shells lest we arouse the ire of middle management.

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