Dell has made it near impossible to download drivers

Well, this hellspawn is earning nothing but abject ire on their own support forums. I know now that download managers are supposed to help download drivers, but not make it actively impossible to get anything to your system. There are some wonderful quotes there, even on the posts that helpfully suggest bypassing that option.

BTW, bypassing this new thingamajig is virtually a bullet dodging experience as the download manager will pretty much surreptitiously install itself if you don’t pay close attention.

How do I get my bloody drivers?!

First, you need to get rid of the DDM completely. Close your browser and go into Add/Remove programs to uninstall the download manager. Then startup your browser and completely delete all your cookies. I strongly recommend using Firefox for the next step…

Visit the driver download page again and choose the bottom download button on the prompt (the one where you choose your own browser to download the files instead of the DDM drop kick to the testicles).  As of this post, the U.S. mirror seems to be broken (lovely eh?), so you’ll need to visit their FTP page for global downloads for each file. I had to download the network utilities first, so I went to the /network folder. When you click on the inevitably broken link on the driver download page, you just need to remove the “.us” portion and the rest of the URL should work.

I would invite any veterinarians out there to volunteer their services to spade or neuter anyone involved in the creation of this abomination.

Note to Dell

Your download manager does not work. Period.

Not because the user is missing another patch or they need .Net 3.5 or any of that nonsense. It doesn’t work because to use it, there is an extra layer of aggravation to an already exasperating experience recovering from a fresh install. This is basically the opposite of customer service as there should be the fewest number of steps between a clean drive and fully up-to-date system. And you have oh-so-helpfully removed the driver CDs on many of your newer systems, so swapping out a hard drive is basically an invitation to have Godzilla stomp on your neck.

If anyone from Dell happens to come across this page, please do yourself, your company and the world a favour… Go choke on something.

I learned my lesson with Dell long ago. My old Inspiron 8200, which I still use to this day and has given me no issues, was my last Dell system. With their decision to include the recovery partion, they’ve made it plainly clear that few people of influence at Dell really know or care about the failure rate for hard drives. Which is why I’m on an Acer right now.


11 thoughts on “Dell has made it near impossible to download drivers

  1. Hi, after I read (skim more likely) this post, I forwarded to @Direct2Dell on Twitter, three minutes later I got a reply.

    I’m using Linux, Windows hasn’t existed in my harddisk for years, so this is not my problem at all. Just hope Dell would take this seriously and make a change (I would like to see). But even they do, it may take some time.

    • Thanks for the forward, lb!

      We’ll see if Dell will finally swallow their pride and stick to a good old fashion direct link system. I think the ISO creation was a good idea, but because the DDM is broken anyway, it’s just a wasted button IMO.

      I needed the Dell drivers to repair an E1505 for a good friend of mine and she really needed this up and running in a timely manner. The DDM, pretty much ruined our plans.

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  5. It’s now 2014 going on 2015, and I’m trying to install drivers on my fresh install of xp on my old Inspiron 6000, but guess what I can’t download the drivers. Because dell is still using this stupid driver down loader software to spy on me, and keep me from using their old products.

  6. Well, I have always had issues with Dell…. so I download the drivers that work, from the manufacturer… And then I use the Intel Utility to auto-detect and install the wireless drivers. Dell has a systematic sequence to initiate driver installations, and if you don’t do it in that ( Chipset, Audio,Network etc…) order… the rest of the installs will likely fail! It’s because they are dependent of each other and they want you to call them and get support for a price or get a new device at a co$t… Or like the OP said, to track and sell you their products. I fix laptops and computer, I would NEVER buy a Dell product FYI… I build my own desktops and use tablets instead of laptops.

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