I have developer ADHD

Ever start doing something in your spare time, come to some progress and suddenly decide you’re going to do something else?

I’ve noticed this with several things I’ve started over the last few years and I can’t blame all of it on being busy or tired. Well, the excuse might work on why I stopped for a while, but then how do I explain why I went off on a completely different tangent? It isn’t as though I get easily distracted when I’m working on any one thing. In fact, there have been times where I forgot whole meals and… on occasion… forget to go to the bathroom while working on something. Nothing short of an earthquake would move me from my seat when I’m into a project, which might be just as well since the second I do get up, it seems to be pretty unlikely that I’ll sit down again to complete it.

Take my PHP forum script that I’ve basically been writing for the past year. A year?! Yes, a year! Any other developer would have moved on to an Alpha or at least a pre-Alpha at this point and I’ve only posted the core, which is still woefully incomplete. Even with a busy schedule, most people would have moved an inch or two, but I’m sorry to say I’m essentially at the same place I was a few months ago. It’s still not working up to the point where I can make a single post or even register as a user!

The culprit? A new set of templates I started writing that used a smaller base set of features. It’s basically a based on a trimmed down version of my previous templates, particularly the Rockwell series with more focus on a smaller screen area and on individual pages (I.E. blog or personal web page/portfolio site rather than a community page). I was all set to get to the contact and comment sections with a new arrangement for all the links when I got distracted.

The culprit? Osiris… my old portal code which I’m converting to .Net 3.5 + LINQ. I was planning to release the entire project once completed so we can have an alternative out there. Besides that it was a good chance for me to brush up on LINQ for a future job in one or two months. And I was all set to go ahead with the Profile Provider next where I wanted to try something different, but then got side tracked yet again.

I wish it was only confined to programming and computer matters, but no!

At one point, I was going to build a garden shed (where, I don’ t know; maybe a neighbor’s backyard?) and I got as far as putting together a good layout and finding some good deals on material. But then I sat down to write a forum script and… well… you know the rest. It’s almost like any personal project I start never gets finished (with very few exceptions).

I’m convinced there’s something wrong with me.


Forgot to add that before getting into programming other than a hobby, I even moonlighted as a DJ. Mind you the venues were terrible more often than not  smelled of vomit, but a job is a job eh? I was going to get back into it as well, but then I started this blog… Ugh!


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