My underwear is 15 years old

I consider that to be quite an accomplishment. And, socks about 10 years old. Hey if they still fit…

Obviously not all of my underwear is that old, but it makes me really wonder how much of what we buy really gets used to the fullest. Is the word “timeless” just a marketing scam? Because few things that still work or function well still appear to be acceptable these days.

Do I really need to raid Old Navy to be socially acceptable?

I’m one of those people who still keep t-shirts from the mid 90’s; when the music wasn’t terrible, but the cars sure were. I look scruffy, I wear cheap hats or caps and my favorite hoodie has stains and a hole.

Why do I have to get this or have to get that? Why can’t I just be comfortable in my own skin? Or am I just getting old and cranky? Which brings me to my new peeve about work…

Welcome to NYC where nobody gives a $#@%!

People like to take their sweet time on the train, when they think you’re a bum. Dagnamit, I’m not a bum! I just look like one. But if someone is wearing an expensive suit with a coat and carry a briefcase, they get to get up and move to the door even before the train stops.

So my attire isn’t, shall we say, very sophisticated compared to most other people on the train. Granted, I have far fewer zeroes in my paycheck compared to others working South of 42nd street, but I guess I could improve in my appearance a bit.

Although, I wonder what makes them think my time isn’t as important as theirs. For all they know, I could be working to cure the credit crunch.

Yeah, you’re right… that’s a stretch.


7 thoughts on “My underwear is 15 years old

  1. Within my immediately family, I am notorious for wearing socks that have gaping holes in them, t-shirts that have been worn to the point of ripping if the wind blows too hard, and underwear with elastic that’s all but lost its stretchiness. I’m so bad, in fact, that my parents (who are very frugal themselves) have to remind me that we’re not destitute and can, in fact, afford new clothing when the old stuff isn’t wearable anymore :P

    • We had an invervention about 4 years ago were I was virtually forced to go to the mall for new clothes. And I’m happy to say, I now have a stylish and pristine wardrobe… nicely packed in storage.

      You know it’s just one of those things where we don’t really mind until someone pokes us in the eye about it.

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