Coffee flavoured Ebola

I’ll take a shot of that…

Besides the fact that I’ve been extremely busy for the last few days, I’m also wrangling with a certain (unnamed) bank to try and secure a loan for an apartment. So between that and the two jobs, I’m about ready to jump out a window. Is it just me or are they finding new and creative ways to avoid giving loans by flogging you with more and more questions? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve forwarded my pay stubs and bank statements.

And heaven forbid if you don’t document every penny of income. Because I’m obviously not going to cite anything coming from my part time meth lab.

Oh, and the process repeats each time the processor changes. Apparently these people don’t talk to each other. But the really sad part is that the bank head honchos probably have dinners every night that cost more than the loan.

Loan Nazi

Did you document this income? Well, then NO LOAN FOR YOU!!

5 thoughts on “Coffee flavoured Ebola

  1. Oh, dear. I applaud your fortitude. We are hut-hunting ourselves and gee whiz. Fun! There’s something afoot here that is, in the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson, “some repugnant….s- – – -!” Still, one cannot live among obstacles forever, right? Things should be working out any time now!

    • Thanks! I sincerely hope so.

      Honestly, the pain is making me feel like eating a whole can of worms.
      … And I don’t even like worms.

      If this doesn’t work out, I’m ready to dump all my cash into a piece of land in the middle of nowhere and live in a DIY shed. A solar panel and an outhouse should still give me some semblance of civility.

  2. With your usual persipicaciousness, you have hit on exactly what WE’RE trying to do. Ha, ha. We’ll have to have a satellite too though. After all…..*sigh*. Exciting, what? I don’t care for worms, either. But I can think of a few people I’d invite to a Worm Dinner right about now. Perhaps in teriyaki……..Pesto would be too much, don’t you think?

    • I should think so ;)

      Speaking of satellite and DIY, would you happen to know of the Planet Green network? I watch it on DirectTV and it’s quickly become my favorite channel. There are great shows on how to build efficient sustainable homes, clean energy, simple living and all that jazz.

      Really wonderful stuff.

      Even if the apartment works out, I’d still like to build something nice with my own hands.

      I’ve been itching to improve my carpentry skills. Which, up to now, consisted of walking off with some tools and some wood right after asking a friend to wait 5 minutes and dial 911.

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