What’s with the holdup?

This post is a waste of time… Feel free to skip it.

Well… Moving to a new apartment isn’t going as smoothly as expected. Then again, what does these days?

It’s been 2 months since I started writing the forum script, but that was back when I didn’t even have a name for it… And actually had some code to start me off. Since then, I’ve completed a few class files and some of the core functionality, but a horde of little details are keeping me from finishing this since I elected to start from scratch. Ideally, it should have all been done over a single weekend (HA!)

And it doesn’t help that I’m a relative novice in PHP.

I just got a brief break and have some time to kill, so hopefully, we’ll see some progress this time.

Here’s to keeping a dream…

Goals! I has them...

Goals! I has them...


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