Complaining isn’t sexy

But what the hey! We’re only part of this after party until the cows come home… and then we drop dead of some incurable circumstance. I.E. Plane crash, bed sores or boredom.

I’ll be mourning National Blog Posting Month for all time; or the lifespan of me or blogging, whichever comes first. Incidentally, this is the exact length of time this particular event will be celebrated by everyone else. I’ve never heard of it before either,  but Heather, helpfully clarifies in the comments, it isn’t a scheduled event or even an event, really.

For some reason it reminds me of Valentine’s Day… Marketese for Buy Jewels, Chocolates, Candy and Cards or You’re a Bad Boyfriend Day. After all, nothing exemplifies the immaterial love between two souls like material tokens.

V-Day: It’s all substance! And that substance weighs as much as nothing.

Just when you thought the collective spew, the spiritual diarrhea of the masses, holds no match in terms of odor nor texture of me, me, me, me, me all day every day by everyone. And not a particularly interesting me, me, me, me, me either.

So I mourn the start this of this new holiday with a moment of silence…

Update July 3rd

Well, it looks like Heather won’t approve my last comment. Other comments posted hours later are already visible.

Can’t say I blame her completely since it is a bit of a buzz kill. But I think it’s legitimate criticism of a non event when the majority of blogs exibit the same degree of shallowness reflected in the comment.

Oh well… Here it is for anyone else…

Lo! Criticism...

Lo! Criticism...

Update July 6rd

Surprise! My comment went up after all…
Good too see it will be received with tounge firmly in cheek ;)


7 thoughts on “Complaining isn’t sexy

  1. On Valentine’s day everyone who’s single is the biggest sad sack in the world. For that one day! Come February 15th the bond of love is just some wilting day-old flowers and a life partner whose farts still stink. I guess that’s what you get from a day named after a Roman who was beaten with clubs and decapitated for not giving up his Christianity. Maybe that’s why people found a more palpable figurehead in a fat naked baby with a crossbow. Love and sacrifice are one and the same in that they’re both dangerous. If love doesn’t shoot you through the heart it might take out your head. And trust me, that’s one messy pool of hemoglobin and skull fragments. Which begs the question: Who will be my bloody valentine? But let’s not forget the chocolates! That’s the best part isn’t it? If you were to ask me, I’d guess that most people don’t have great sex on Valentine’s Day but they do have super bonbons. Now there’s a pithy slogan you won’t see on a Hallmark card.

  2. @Alan

    All too true!
    I wonder who the patron saint of marketing would be, for he truly delivers on prayers.


    BTW… I left another comment on that thread as a reply to you and Heather, but it’s still awaiting moderation. I’m not sure if they’ll approve it though. It really lets the air out of that whole post. ;)

  3. Is Heather the wordpress girl with the glasses or are you talking about Heather Mills?

    I miss seeing Heather Mills’ wooden legs.
    I miss it a lot.

    They should have a National Heather Mills’ Wooden Leg Day – EVERY MONTH!

    • Now there’s a disturbing thought… :S

      Either way, if she thinks I didn’t have a point with my comments, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

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