Christian Bale Cancels His AOL Account

Yet another example of why this shamble of a company is dying. Last year, I posted a brief tutorial on how to handle a troublesome company when it comes to cancellations of services. Hopefully these types of incidents could be avoided by going that route.

WARNING : Explicit language…

Um… It’s just a joke.


9 thoughts on “Christian Bale Cancels His AOL Account

  1. Hahahahahaha.

    I’ve listened to his entire 5-minute rant, and it’s just hysterical. I think I counted ~40 F-bombs the time I sat down and actually tallied each one.

    • Davis, you’re better off with any other ISP than AOL.

      A lot of people keep their old accounts to save their contacts and such, but the cost and headaches are really not worth it in the longer run. You should seriously consider switching (of course, you may need to dedicate a whole weekend to that procedure).

      Even Comcast is better by comparison and at least that’s broadband.

  2. Hahaha! Too rich.

    Celebrities really are the happiest people in the world, aren’t they? I think my favorite parody of this so far was on The Family Guy.

  3. hahaha! Anyway, I remember in the late 90’s when AOL was a household name, where it was the ISP and just install everything they want to your computer – – where everyone was thinking -newbie that AOL was the Internet – – the operating system – – and then when I closed my AOL account in the early 2000’s and UNISNTALLED the BLOATED AOL NO GOOD MESSED UP software – – then gone were all my contacts, hundreds of them and sadly they could not do anything about it. Losing everything (contacts) — that day was the saddest day of my life. But I have to go, I could not stay.

    • That’s a shame. I hear stories like that at my programming job.
      But you have to realise, it’s not your fault. AOL brought this on themselves. It’s really too bad that customers end up being neglected and even loose their contacts, but in the end, it’s for the best.

      You did the right thing even though it was very difficult for you.

      We came out of that phase even stronger; We now have social networks that enable greater communication and better utilities. Those who left AOL only found a better Internet in the end.

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