Microsoft ate my email.

I guess it’s a good excuse for anyone who sent me any messages to my work email since the good folks at the Windows Live “Help” center have killed off access my account completely.

What started off as an annoyance has now graduated into extreme irritation.

It all started when suddenly I couldn’t use Windows Mail, that comes with Vista, to access the accounts. Then (after 4 days) they’ve apparently decided that “fixing” the problem would be too much trouble. And to think, the only reason I used Live Mail was because my first name was available.

Heed the warning… Never use Microsoft Mail services if you value your work and sanity.

Update 8:00 PM

So finally the mail accounts work! And I only had to reset the password about a dozen times. The problem was sent to “Escalation” (whatever that means) on the forums, but hopefully they’ll leave it alone so nothing will happen again.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft ate my email.

    • Shockingly… I had to figured it out.

      My password was just a bit too long. When I created the password, it was significantly longer than their allowed limit. But guess what, they don’t give you the upper limit. They just cut it off. And I didn’t notice all this time that I’m typing in keys that aren’t making those dots in the password text box any longer (I’ve been very tired lately so my attention to detail has suffered).

      But for a while, it was just fine, until I had to re-enter my info in the logon dialog (I reset my passwords at random sometimes). At the time, I had the “remember my credentials” checkbox on. When I typed in what I thought was my assigned password, it replaced the earlier “correct” truncated password without me realizing the last few characters had been cut off on the Live Mail page.

      Here I’m using the full length password, when Live Mail wanted a shorter one. Of course the same thing happened over and over when I tried to reset it because I kept using long passwords.

      So even when it comes to my email, Microsoft choses convenience (I.E. something everyone will remember) rather than security.


      I think all password textboxes should be no shorter than 255 characters long. People should be allowed to use entire sentences if they wish.

      Oh, and I almost forgot… They may have changed the maximum length of the password textbox at one point. Also, the main login page password textbox has a longer length so you’re free to type away until you get blue in the face. Only the resetting textbox has the shorter limit.


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