Windows Mail can’t connect II

See if you can spot the idiocy I experienced over at the Windows Live Help forums. Mind you, this is the 3rd day without mail client access to my Windows Live Mail accounts as detailed in my previous post.

The first thread
Note : I made more, because they mark the thread as “answered” when they reply… An actual “answer” seems to be optional.

Mail Clients blocked?

Me :


I’ve been using Windows Mail on Vista without any issues for some time. Then suddenly one of my accounts stopped working (I.E. authentication failed). The info is correct and I can still access my mail through the browser.
Now my other account has also failed. Still, I can read my mail via, but I still need to use the webmail.
I’ve tried switching to Thunderbird and it’s still the same problem. It seems I can’t use a mail client anymore on any of my accounts.

Could anyone help?

“Windows Live Anthony C” :

@ Section12
Can you try to reconfigure your accounts once again in your e-mail client and see if this gets resolved? Also, make sure that you enter the correct details needed. For more assistance, please contact the support team of your e-mail client. You should able to access it without issues because, you can access your account without issues via the website.

Me :

Nope, still the same problem.
I just deleted both accounts and readded them. Still can’t access either one through the client. I keep getting a Windows security logon dialog asking to confirm my username and password when I click Send/Receive.

Mail settings : with SSL on port 995 with SSL on port 25
username is my email, password is my password
(my credentials are exactly what I type in on the browser)

All this info was exactly the same before the problem started. It just happened very suddenly, so this info should have been correct all along.

My emails are :
{removed email address} and {removed email address}

“Windows Live Eddie F” :

@ Section12
A representative from the Microsoft Windows Vista Support Team can best assist you with your issue. To know how to contact them, please refer to the following solution post:
Note: I’ve moved your posts to the proper forum.

Me :

I don’t think you understood the problem.

This isn’t a “non-Hotmail product” problem.

Both of my email clients, Windows Mail and Thunderbird are unable to connect to my accounts. As in outside POP access appears to be completely blocked.

I.E. I can’t use any mail client at all and have to use the browser. This is most definitely a Hotmail problem.
Please help!

Now that this thread has been marked as “Answered” does that mean I will not get this problem solved at all?

“Windows Live Angelica A” :

@ Section12,

I’ve replied to your other thread. Visit the link below to view it:

And the second thread the last post was referring to.

Me :

I’m posting this again, because “Windows Live Eddie F” moved the thread into a completely inappropriate forum without reading the problem. And I fear it will get buried and never be answered.

I cannot use any mail clients at all on my Live mail accounts, starting two days ago. Gmail and Hushmail seem to work just fine on both clients, so this is most definitely an issue with Hotmail.

All of my server settings are correct. My credentials are correct. I can login via I can’t use an application to read my mail anymore.

I repeat : I cannot connect to my Live mail accounts only with either Windows Mail or Thunderbird. This isn’t a “non-Hotmail” issue.

“Windows Live Angelica A” :

Hi Section12,

Please try reconfiguring your account in Windows Mail and Thunderbird. There’s a Solution posted which can help you with this. Here’s the link to it:

By the way, I’ve moved your post to the Accounts and Passwords forum.

Me :

Do you guys actually read the problem before posting?

I’ve reconfigured, configured, removed and added accounts and they all don’t work.

Windows Live Mail is the only mail service that doesn’t work with a mail client. My Gmail and Hushmail work just fine.

Please enable POP3 access to my account again.

All my server settings are correct and in fact, was always correct from the start. This problem started suddenly and I’ve been without mail client use on my Live Mail account for 3 days now.

Don’t mark this thread as “answered” when you haven’t.

In conclusion…
The Windows Live Help forums are being run by morons.

I’ll wait and see if they actually solve the problem or ignore this reply. Or better yet, move it to yet another forum.

Take a gander at the forums yourself for more laughs.

Update May 12

So, I’m finally getting someone to actually read what I post and actually “help”. And it turns out the topic is marked “answered” when they just post a reply. But an actual “answer” is still optional. Makes perfect sense…

Update May 12 Part II

The Windows Live Mail crew have effectively disabled login to both my Live Mail accounts!
And here’s the fun part :

“Windows Live Chrystal B” :


I have received Section12’s escalation. I will contact them through a private message to discuss this issue further. Once I have an update to this issue I will post it on this thread.

Thank you,




5 thoughts on “Windows Mail can’t connect II

  1. We are always striving to improve our customer service. Please take a moment to rate the level of service you felt you received:

    [ ] Excellent
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    [ ] Outstanding
    [ ] Perfect
    [ ] All of the above

    Thank you for using Microsoft products!

    • Yes, welcome to the “Luna” theme where everything is all bright blue, green and happy!

      Aaaah, but it gets even better!

      Now access to may primary Live Mail account is completely dead. Only my secondary Live Mail account is working. Any bets on how long it will take to kill access to that one too?

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  3. what is the problem with logging into hotmail, i have tried for several days to access my account and my login information is the same yet it will not let me login i have tried all of the solutions that were suggested this has become ridiculous, you cant seen a reset password when you cant get into the account help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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