Windows Mail can’t connect

Is there ever an end to this new stream of diseases?

Since yesterday, I can’t connect to my Windows Live Mail account using Windows Mail in Vista. But (and this is just great) only for one particular account. In fact, I can’t even connect to that same account using Thunderbird, though the other account works on both applications. This happens to be my business email, so I really could do without this headache over the weekend.

But I can still login to using the browser so I know my login details are still correct.

So has my account been disabled from access by any application?
Has anyone else dealt with this nonsense?

3 thoughts on “Windows Mail can’t connect

    • Haaa!
      Actually, I have 17 email addresses that I need to stick with (one of the reasons for using the mail client).

      A bunch of old Hotmail accounts, Gmail accounts and Windows Live. I’m phasing out the old Hotmail accounts, but that still leaves 12 :P

      I use Thunderbird primarily for discussion lists.
      I just don’t trust a Microsoft product to keep me protected in a community urinal.

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