So I REALLY don’t know what “Conservative” means

Or something about this poll is seriously wrong…

Something's wrong here...

Something's wrong here...

Take the test for yourself

Apparently, not only am I not conservative (a bit of a shock to the system), I’m apparently completely liberal to the bone as well as a hardcore socialist. This is all news to me, since I’ve always fancied myself a moderate conservative with even a slight tint of libertarian.

Did someone switch the definitions on me?

Or is my particular brand of conservatism too much like that of Barry Goldwater?


5 thoughts on “So I REALLY don’t know what “Conservative” means

      • Holy smokes! I am more liberal!!

        I still can’t figure out which questions really gave this result.
        I haven’t change any of my core positions in the last few years so I expected to land in the same corner.

      • The questions were good, but there were several where I honestly had no preference one way or the other and would have liked a “Neutral” option. The confinement to either agreeing or disagreeing may have skewed my results slightly, but I’ve known I’m a bit of a moderate with liberal inclinations.

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