What kept me?

So I disappeared for about 3 weeks. Can’t exactly say what I’ve been doing all this time, besides the part about being distracted by an anime site. The rest of it is top secret due to a myriad of NDAs (those things should be illegal).

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to my posting schedule tomorrow. I want to release some modifications to the Rockwell Accessible theme wherein I focus less on the accessibility and more on the practicality. I wanted to create a generic template out of it that can be easily switched with just a stylesheet as per my earlier experiments. But I want this to be more feature rich than those earlier examples.

This new version will have the jQuery library attached and will have a few validation features courtesy of the validate plugin. It will also feature notifications (for which the scaffolding was already in place earlier) that are deployed on-page.

As usual, this release will not have any license with it. Just my usual disclaimer that can be seen in the “Experiments” page. The jQuery library and validate plugin are both MIT/GPL licensed.

A modification to the “Optimist” variant of the Rockwell theme will be the default template of the homepage for the OPAR project. Haven’t forgotten about that Paranormal Multimeter either. Just scrounging up some free time.


9 thoughts on “What kept me?

    • JB, I see you’ve been channeling Rodney Dangerfield :P
      A very useful skill for a cult leader.

      BTW… Is he getting any respect where he is these days?

    • Thank you!

      BTW… I too am very interested in creating my own island.

      I’ve investigated the barge route, I.E. Mega Float in Tokyo bay and decommissioned oil platforms and such. Unfortunately, I’ll need to win the lottery to even come close to obtaining anything of the sort.

  1. An oil platform should be fairly cheap nowadays, Eksith.
    ‘Sould be’ – but it’s not.

    You could always make one out of lego, shrink yourself and live happily.
    Just an idea. A crap one, but an idea at least…

    Rodney Dangerfield is dead?????
    Thank God!

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