Site of the Week: CosmicOS

What do you use when you need to initiate first contact with intelligent life-forms? An Open Source Contact Message of course!

Logic gates and Simple Expressions giving birth to a universal language

Logic gates and Simple Expressions. Giving birth to a universal language

If ET is listening out there, then this is probably the code to use to communicate. Nothing says “hello” like inviting them over to conquer us that much quicker, eh?

The language was actually inspired by Lincos by Hans Freudenthal and Carl Sagan’s Contact.


8 thoughts on “Site of the Week: CosmicOS

  1. ET wouldn’t have a clue what the hell that meant!

    I love the way scientists try to ‘think’ the way Aliens think.
    Ha ha.
    An advanced civilization that can travel through time and space doesn’t give a flying f**k about zero’s, dots, numbers or letters!

    I know. I’ve spoken to several aliens about the matter on numerous occasions!

    • I think comedian Tom Rhodes probably put it best…

      We’re the Alabama of the Universe . . . they know we’re here; they just want nothing to do with us.

      But I would probably leave the occasional contact to a minimum, JB. The “Greys'” blood in particular is supposed to be toxic to humans as I’ve gathered from several episodes of the X-Files.

  2. A side note:
    Theoretically, what they’re aiming to create makes sense.
    If there ever was a chance of making contact between us and alien civilizations, then the only means I see is through the use of Mathematics.

    To any intelligent species math should play a fundamental foundation in the understanding of the universe. And certain types of math will never change regardless of where they’re exhibited. This system is counting on that consistency.

    Of course there are some features in the math we use today that is directly related to our own physiology.

    I.E. The Decimal system, due to humans having 10 digits on both hands(discounting certain lumberjacks and stupid kids with fireworks).

    Notice, that pattern displays no Hindu/Arabic numerals as we use them today. You can’t count on aliens having 10 digits on each hand or even have hands for that matter.

  3. “You can’t count on aliens having 10 digits on each hand or even have hands for that matter.”

    Thats my main problem with the attempts to communicate with aliens.
    We’re using symbols we understand to represent things we think the aliens will ‘get’ too.

    But wiglinga sheet of paper with a few numbers on it in front of a fish doesn’t work so how the hell do they expect an alien to make sense of it!

    From the Aliens I’ve chatted with over a nice cup of tea, they’ve all told me that they’ll only communicate using light patterns. Nothing else.
    They ‘said’ that they are far to busy to learn all the alphabets and symbol systems of the Universe to bother with them.
    It’s light or nothin’.

    Thats straight from the Aliens mouth!

    • I didn’t think aliens enjoyed tea. Boy, I like them more already!

      Light communication makes sense since it’s the simplest way to represent data. On is 1, Off is 0 as in binary. Or it can vary by frequency and wavelength for complex interraction.

      I think an alien civilization attempting to make first contact would probably stick to binary communication. If they stick to math as the algorithm of choice for trasncoding, then we may have a good chance at understanding each other. No extra learning required!

  4. i’m tellin’ ya Aliens love a nice cup of tea and a flashing light. Thats it.

    They don’t have time for ‘binary this’ or ‘binary that’.

    They just wanna see the fancy flashing lights!

    Stop complicating things. Just wave a cup of tea and a torch into the sky and they will come.


    * May not be true.

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