Is this movie appropriate for my 7 year old?

Which is another way of announcing to the world what a terrible parent you are.

I have literally lost count of how many times I’ve seen these types of posts on IMDB. And the movies are more and more outrageous each and every time.

This time I saw it on the boards for The Wrestler, a movie which is “Rated R for violence, sexuality/nudity, language and some drug use.” And I’ve seen the same question asked a few times on the boards for the Saw series (I’m dead serious). 

I have to look into things myself to see if they’re safe? Oh no! I can’t have that! I’ll just ask some shmuck , who’s still up at 4:30 am finishing a site,  got side-tracked, and ended up on the IMDB boards to do the job for me.

If you have to question the anonymous masses of the Internet on what content is appropriate for your child, instead of seeing it yourself first and making the judgement, then why are you responsible for another life? An impressionable life? If you are so inept, you shouldn’t even be in charge of watering plants.

Here is yet another example of how bad parents expect the world to babysit their children for them, instead of doing the job themselves. These are the same variety who then turn around wanting to censor the world or cover every patch of Earth with felt because, God forbid, they actually have to be responsible for their child’s upbringing. 

And people wonder why children are incapable of understanding the consequences of violence. Ratings are there for a reason. I’m sure some children are capable of watching Saw with no ill effects afterwards (I’d like to invite the scientific community to observe these children for a couple of decades), but the vast majority of them would be traumatized for life.

If you’re the parent, you make the call yourself. You should know your child better than any other human being on Earth. If you don’t know what’s best for your child  and are too lazy to investigate yourself and start asking random strangers, then don’t have them.

A condom now is a lot cheaper than a trial later.


28 thoughts on “Is this movie appropriate for my 7 year old?

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  2. Incompetent parenting has become one of my biggest pet peeves. The champions of book-banning, video game-censoring, and movie-griping who raise self-absorbed and entitled children need look no further than themselves for the source of troubles for the generation.

  3. Does anyone remember the movie “Bad Santa” from a few years back?

    I saw it with my parents in the theater (I was over 17 at the time).

    There was only one other family in the theater with us- a mother and father with their young daughter. I remember thinking at the time she couldn’t have been more than six or seven years old.

    It’s a funny movie, in a dark, depressing, cynical way. But I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have because of the six year old girl sitting 2 rows behind me.

    There’s a part in the movie where the “bad Santa” is having anal sex with a fat lady in a dressing room at the mall.

    The camera just showed their feet under the door, but then the Santa says something to the affect of, “Lady, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to shit right for a week!”

    This was within the first 45 minutes of the movie. If that had been me, I’d have yanked my kid up out of her seat and we would have gone for some ice cream or something.

    But the parents and their kid stayed for the rest of the show. I mean, the movie tickets were pretty expensive, as it was an evening show, but still.

  4. Anyone remember the awkwardness of watching Titanic in the cinema.
    Or Tit-tantic as it could have been called.

    The bit were Kate Winslet strips off for Leonardo Ladyman?

    It seemed completely out of place. It wasn’t needed.
    The bit where they are in the car and the windows steam up with the hand pressed against the glass worked because it was suggestive.

    Maybe it’s just me. I’m not prudish. But I think some things are suitable for one audience and not for another mainstream or kiddy bunch.

    • I never saw Titanic… Not because I have any serious objections to what was commonly considered a “chick flick”, I just never got around to watching.

      Besides, my tastes in movies is rather dubious (if my “Movie of the Week” posts are any hint).

      But by that description, they just wanted to add spice at the last second. A tacky way to add appeal to a film.

  5. the worst sex scene I ever saw (that wasn’t porn) was between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton in Monsters Ball. That’s the movie Halle won the Oscar for.

    It was full frontal nudity on both. They actually had intercourse on screen. But it wasn’t erotic in the least. I mean, Billy Bob is sorta gross, but that wasn’t what made the scene bad. It was that these were 2 broken people that were looking for a bit of comfort in bad times wherever they could find it. Make no mistake, these were 2 really fucked up people. I think Halle cried during it, which is never good.

    The best “sex” scene I ever saw had no actual sex in it. It was that part in Gone With the Wind where Scarlet comes home after a party late at night and Rhett is waiting up for her. They argue, she says she hates him. Rhett pulls her to him and kisses her. The he carries her up the grand staircase to bed.

    In the next scene, Its morning and Scarlet is still in bed. She’s singing and smiling.

    You knew what happened, but it was left to the imagination. Sexy.

  6. Scarlett was an annoying bitch in that film but what really confuses me every time I see it is (and I’ve seen the film practically every year since I was a child)
    what the hell she sees in Ashley Wilkes?!

    The man is the most irritating loser in the history of cinema!
    He is a dickhead!

    And the scene you describe is kinda awkward as far as I’m concerned because Rhett basically forces her to have sex. The next morning she might be singing like a bird but it’s still awkward.

    To be honest, I think sex scenes can slow down or mess up a film.
    And they are so predictable!
    You know that in a, say, 2 hour movie, by approximately 1 hr 15 minutes (this is not scientific but it’s my observation!) a sex scene between the leads will occur.
    Usually just after a big chase/fight/escape.

    You don’t show people taking a shit in most movies and you don’t really need to add a sex scene either. It doesn’t further the plot. It’s not ‘essential’ for character development!

    On a side note: the best ‘sex’ scene i saw was in a Danish movie (no not that type of Danish movie). A woman tells a guy to close his eyes. They are in a field. She pulls down his trousers (full frontal male nudity, she’s fully clothed). And just when you are expecting her to go down on him (especially considering she is hovering about an inch from his William Morris), the camera cuts to his face. The he opens his eyes and sees she’s run off with his clothes and money.

    Just thought I’d share that. Probably a very popular Danish film. I have no idea.

  7. I think the parents that took their young child to Bad Santa knew EXACTLY what they were doing; they just don’t care. Tip of the iceberg, as far as bad parenting is concerned.

    Imagine all the questions you’d get from said six-year-old afterwards…:)

  8. JB: I’d never thought of that scene in Gone With the Wind in that context. Thank you for calling that to my attention and therefore spoiling it for me.

    You know, I’ve wondered why Scarlet loved Ashley too. It makes NO sense! Who would prefer Ashley to Rhett? Who, I ask you?!

    Generally men with women’s names like Ashley, Tracy, Lesley, Robin ect. are usually pussified douchebags. I appologize if either you or E have these unfortunate names, but I’m sure you two are the exception to the rule.

    Annette: I shudder to think how those parents answered their little girl’s question!

  9. To be honest, Annette looks like she’s a bit too young to be hanging out here on this site in the first place!

    Sorry for spoiling it for you, Madame Bitters. But Rhett is a bit of a scumbag in that scene.

    Ashley Wilkes? What a wimp!
    He wouldn’t take his kids to Bad Santa – and thats for sure!

  10. ANNETTE! You get to bed right this instant, young lady! The grown-ups are talking!

    I doubt Ashley Wilkes could even get it up to preform the act that brings babies into this world. If by some miracle he could, his sperm count is probably about 5, so it’s a moot point anyway you look at it.

    Anyway, I think Bad Santa may be too much for Ashley’s delicate sensbilities, don’t you? What do you think, E? Where the hell are you, anyway? Have you deserted your own posting? Shame on you!

  11. Yeah, Eksith!
    Where the hell are you?!

    Look whats happening in your absence.
    That Mike guy is spamming. How dare he!

    Well, I’m off back to my own site to talk crap and flirt with Madame Bitters and anything else that crosses my path.
    By the way, Madame, your eye is looking beautiful today. Do something different with it? It really suits you. Does it come with a matching pair?

    Right, I’m off now.

    As James Hetfield of Metallica would say: “Are you ALIVE?!”

  12. Ah, there you are. It’s dangerous to let the inmates run the asylum, you know. :)

    Good to “see” you E. How’ve you been? Everything ok with you?


    JB: yes, my eye is part of a matching set. I’m no cyclops.

    You know, I’m thinking about taking a pic of my other eye. Then my lips. Then my nose and so on and so forth.

    What do y’all think?

    • You know, I’m thinking about taking a pic of my other eye. Then my lips. Then my nose and so on and so forth.

      Then… Bam!
      FBI, CIA, NSA, CSS all on your front porch asking you questions and taking more pictures.

      I’ve been trying to finish up some work (part of what I mentioned in that quote in the post) so been a bit behind on catching up on my other affairs ;)

  13. Zen: I can’t think of a compelling storyline for a movie about OB/GYNs. Can you?

    Besides, there’s Dr. T and the Women. Oh wait, you said “important” not “a waste of 2 hours I’ll never get back.”

    Sorry, Madame Bitters gets confused sometimes.

  14. Sadly domestic mediation cases & divorce court dockets are replete with parents who contrary to their personal views, haven’t got the slightest idea about what is/isn’t appropriate for their children so misjudging movies is not at all suprising.

    • A lot of parents expect problems to be solved for them. From marriages to children, it seems few people are willing to take a stand in the welfare of their own children.

  15. I think everyone who gets married should go to counseling beforehand to work out certain issues, some of which may not have come up yet.

    Think money issues, infedetilty, where and how to celebrate religious and family holidays, ways to raise the kids or even if they want kids in the first place.

    EVERY couple has one or two, even if they’ve been together for 10 years prior to marriage. I think parenting classes for those thinking of starting a family are a great idea too.

    Those who know me (which none of you do and that’s why I’m saying this) know that I’m generally against therapy. Most people aren’t committed to it so they end up wasting time and money.

    Plus, I’ve worked hard at supressing all of my terrible memories.

  16. Many pastors try to do a session of “pre-marriage counseling” but in most cases, it’s treated like enforced [domestic] mediation before a case goes to court, “people just go through the motions.” When people are willing to do the work, tools like counseling & mediation can be extremely powerful. Ah but there’s the rub…doing the work…

  17. I take parenting very seriously. altho the latest Titanic movie could have left alot of the sex stuff out? it was beautifully done and a true piece of history! including the last woman to have survived that terrible tradgedy! Get over your “holier than tho” selves and teach your kids about HISTORY! Sad but true…..Bad things happen in life……teach…..not stick your heads in the sand!!!!!

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