Plagiarism today II

Ripoffs and you.

I’ve had a run-in with one of these types before.

I really despise people directly copying other people’s work and posting on their own domains without giving credit. I only found out about this one because it has a link back to another post. I won’t be posting a link to this site, because I don’t want to give it any additional linkage, but you can Google for it if you want.

Here’s an example of one of my own posts…

Thanks for the ripoff!

Thanks for the ripoff!

I don’t think there’s a single post on that blog that didn’t come from somewhere else. Now I don’t mind if someone copies my code and actually uses them in a project, but doing this for every post is lame.

I left a comment on that particular post that’s “awaiting moderation” I’m not expecting it to ever see the light of day. If the owners of this domain or someone who knows the admins can contact them, let them know that this is called “stealing”.

Written in vain

Written in vain

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, please visit Jonathan Bailey’s blog, “Plagiarism Today“. He has had extensive experience and insight in fighting these parasites and will certainly help you deal with your own dilemma.

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