New layout: Rockwell Accessible

This is the culmination of all of my accessibility experiments so far. I’ve combined elements from my previous experiements into one theme ready to be reused.

There are a few additional features like formatting for notifications and errors as well as text highlighting. There isn’t any additional scripting yet, but I hope to include some jQuery functionality soon.

Experimental accessibility theme

Experimental accessibility theme

This theme borrows elements from one of my older templates called “Rockwell” (select from the stylesheet menu).


3 thoughts on “New layout: Rockwell Accessible

  1. Nice looking layout there, Mr Eksith.
    But why don’t you use it on your site?
    Does it contain secret codes that hack into the users bank account and steal their life savings. What evil scheme have you lurking inside that theme…?!

  2. HAHA! I’d be a very rich man! Well, at least ’till the feds catch up to me. :D

    Actually, my site is a bit like a storage location right now. I’m using WP for practically all my content since the blog is the busiest part.

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