New hobby: Reporting spam blogs

I had a few hours free in the last few days. Very rare these past few months…

I seemed to have found a very enjoyable activity (at least for me) in the process of trying to find ways to spend it. That is reporting every spam blog I come across on I lost count of how many I reported already, but it was enough to get a thank you email from Mark.

You’re welcome! :D

I get overcome by an almost child-like glee watching another community parasite get taken down.
Is this healthy?


11 thoughts on “New hobby: Reporting spam blogs

  1. Now I’ll know who to blame if my blog ever gets shut down! :P

    Seriously though, I wish I had time to do this. I can’t stand spam blogs, and they’re easy as hell to find.

  2. Hehe.. And I thought I was the only one!

    Yeah, I seriously doubt I’ll be able to keep it up. This was a rare spurt in free time I won’t expect again any time soon.

  3. I report spam too…only with emails. I look at the headers, (Headers shows you where it REALLY came from and are a standard part of all email and web-mail clients.) do a whois (shows you the company that hosts the spam server) on the domain, and then report them!

  4. I read this entry way back of course month ago and to be relevant at all times, I should say weeks ago. Like most commenter, I don’t usually leave a message if I don’t have something good or even silly things to say. However, I noted the entry for future reference and I would come back if the right moment will come and this is the moment. Can you give us at least steps your methods of recognizing and reporting spams. Do you find any spammers of my approved commenters? Because in my case most of the time I approved those who passed Akismet. Thanks once again for visiting my blog.

    • Sometimes it’s very obivious like you would get spam email. They don’t even bother to hide the links.

      But other times, they would complement your blog and leave no additional info. Like this particular comment by “milaza” or this one by “adji” I found to be very suspicious.

      Then there are comments like this one by “Shyam Kumar Maletha” which actually contains a link to another site. The comment itself, though related to Adsense, makes no sense in that context. That makes it probably spam as well.

      As for spam blogs, I find them much easier to recognize.
      Usually each post contains a link to the same site, either as a text link or image link. But it’s always the same destination. And content tends to repeat over and over with no real information.
      You’ll also find random (nonsense) text sprinkled here and there to hide the links because they’re really aiming for search index ranks, not direct clicks.

      There are some that are very cleverly disguised, but they too are easy to spot if you recognize the content from elsewhere. Sometimes, they copy news articles from BBC or other outlets and swap the links in the article with their spam sites.

      Over time, it becomes very easy to spot these.

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