Jeremiah Wright is a crazy racist: Or how to skew public opinion by selective editing

Not even a week has passed since the new President has taken office, and there are people still spewing the same skewed opinion.

Have any of you seen the phrases in context? Be aware, he is speaking to a primarily black congregation.

Angry, upset, perhaps even mistaken about a few facts, but definitely not racist. Never mistake passion for insanity.

Here is a man who is trying to explain how the cycle of violence will only continue with retribution and the petty partisans can only use it to further their own agendas. Those who only hear what they want to hear in this are only lying to themselves. You’re not doing yourselves or your children any favours by doing this.

Hatred is a funny thing. Those who are quick to see it in others are often the ones filled with it.

Time to reexamine your values and morals. Are you truly being virtuous or moral when you accuse this man of being racist?

Full Disclosure :
I’m not a Christian. In fact, I’m barely a theist. I’m also not a “Liberal”, at least in the way the term is being thrown about. I do, however, try to be objective whenever I can.


4 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright is a crazy racist: Or how to skew public opinion by selective editing

  1. I was in ear shot, and yea, he’s a racist. I’ve heard him before, same old song. It’s 1965 all over again. Sometimes you just have to wait till they die off, before things change. (nice try)

  2. Wow. I can honestly say I haven’t seen that side of Rev Wright. The media has indeed done a damn good job of playing only his most (in)famous quotations to exhaustion and without the supporting context.

    Oh, and speaking along the lines of the first commenter, Stalin once told me he actually loved democracy. True story. I was there.

  3. Ha! Yes isn’t funny how people were “there” all along? :P
    If only we had this eye witness during a Bush energy policy meeting.

    Yeah it’s actually a little frightening the depths some media outlets will go to just to get bump in the ratings. The nation and “truth” be damned, it’s about their agenda and bottom line.

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