Liberal media conspiracy

…To make Sarah Palin look bad!

Can you see how that was setup? You can see now why conservative pundits are so upset with the liberal media.


My God! And I’m not even Christian, but my God! Can this woman be any dumber?

I understand turkeys don’t magically fall out of the sky onto the supermarket shelf, but to hold a conference right there where the deed is done?

That’s it! From now on, you can consider my conservative card torn and burned. I don’t want, even remotely, to be associated with any group of people who consider this woman to be a competent candidate, let alone a decent human being. The gross lack of compassion and outright disregard for common decency is beyond belief!



Palin was prescient. On cue, the Huffington Post hyperventilated about the SLAUGHTER! going on behind Palin and the rest of the squeamish, PDS-infected blogosphere followed with horrified rantings about the governor’s callousness. You’d think Palin was standing in front of the camera soaked in blood like Sissy Spacek in “Carrie.”

Update: The New York Times editorial board decries the “execution” of the butterballs. Did David Brooks sneak into the ed board’s office and pen this turkey of an editorial?

Michelle Malkin

I think that alone speaks volumes about her character. See the comments on that post for more on what type of readers she has.

She is making a spectacle of creatures being slaughtered while smiling and joking in the foreground. There is a tub full of blood behind her and she is well aware of what is taking place. How is this gruesome scene funny to you?

I never understood why compassion was optional for so many people. Or why those who feel compassion for life… period… were considered weak or somehow lesser beings. I pity our own species even more than the turkeys. At least they have no sense of right and wrong.


6 thoughts on “Liberal media conspiracy

  1. That article is so funny, but so pertinent and so sad at the same time.

    The chicken vs the… er.. poo with glass comparison is spot on!
    Really illustrates my frustration with undecided voters.

  2. No. You’ve got it all wrong. The ones with the true compassion are the “pro-life” conservatives. The Left are all baby killers.

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