Turn off Firefox3 address bar bookmark search.

Firefox address bar Bookmarks = Incredibly Annoying!

I’m sure there are some users who find this useful, but considering I have, literally, a hundred+ bookmarks and I get to see this every time I enter in any character, it’s really annoying.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…

Well intentioned, but annoying for me

Well intentioned, but annoying for me

I keep all of them organized into folders so I always find what I’m looking for. This was really unnecessary for me.

So how to turn it off?

Go to your about config > search for urlbar > select browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped and set it to true.

config, find browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped and set it to true

In about:config, find browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped and set it to true

There… Problem solved!

Like I said before, there are plenty of people who would find this useful. But I’m not one of them. I’m sure a lot of others out there aren’t either.


On second thought, that number of a hundred+ bookmarks may be slightly off…

Here is a list of those folders..

I didn't really take a moment to glance at this

I didn’t really take a moment to glance at this

And a few samples within… Yes, there are folders within folders

Design related bookmarks

Design related bookmarks

Electronics related bookmarks

Electronics related bookmarks

Upon closer inspection, the actual number may be several hundred to a thousand bookmarks.
Each folder has about the same number of links in them… Yikes!


13 thoughts on “Turn off Firefox3 address bar bookmark search.

  1. But…but…it’s the “AWESOME bar”! It’s made of awesome!

    I’m still apathetic towards it. Hasn’t improved or degraded my life any…yet. Probably because I have about half the bookmarks you do.

  2. Oh, it’s a very nice concept…
    But the implementation just got to me after a day or two.

    The option right underneath that: maxRichResults can be lowered if the number of items showing is too long or short.

    I couldn’t even type a single letter without it giving me bookmark results on it. And, yeah, considering the number of bookmarks and my own arrangement system, it probably wasn’t appropriate for my situation in the first place.

  3. i struggle to find my links to things i’ve got too many folders
    i keep creating them when i can’t decide where to put them
    and i use my blog for many of my links
    i do a search to find them -crazy stuff
    my blog has become a a very effective filing cabinet [platform]
    [link to hear from wp announcment – yr comment made me laugh]

  4. Hi hoh.

    Yes, I too have a whole lot of folders (I updated my post to show this). But I think the key to all of this is to label them properly. Give them names that are descriptive, consise and appropriate and they should be easier to find.

  5. Holy eff…you understated the number of bookmarks you had in your original post. By a LOT. I don’t even have a quarter of that many and already my “organizing” system (not really) is breaking down. Time to refactor my bookmarks, methinks!

  6. My work, and sometimes my hobbies, often involve tedious and repetitive tasks, but for some reason I don’t seem to mind.

    The bookmark thing seemed the most natural thing in the world to me, but everyone I showed it to had the exact same reaction :P

    I have a feeling that I may end up with a directory tree at least 4 levels deep by the end of this year ;)

  7. Saying that… I echo your bookmark directory issue – I just tend to accumulate bookmarks over time between computers. There are some addins available which synchronise your bookmarks between firefoxes although I have not tried them yet. Might have to at some point.

  8. Thanks Konrad.

    Yeah, it happens over time right under our noses. First day, it’s just a couple of bookmarks… Then, Bam! It’s a library.

    I’ve been trying out the export/import function for Firefox. But the problem is that if the URL or title is slightly off, then there are duplicate entries.

    The URL has one extra querystring, but the page is essentially the same.

    Then there’s the issue of having a bookmark in a different folder in one computer. I’ve had that happen when one bookmark may fall into multiple categories.

    I’ve yet to see a single plugin that will seamlessly manage bookmarks across multiple installations. All the solutions I’ve seen so far all work about the same as the default bookmark import feature.

    I’ve tried Google Bookmarks as well, but I’m a bit hesitant to use it to any meaningful degree because of privacy concerns.

  9. Have you tried Foxmarks at all? It seamlessly synchronizes all my bookmarks between three machines (and many more OS’s…). Privacy is indeed the only concern, though everything seems pretty well encrypted. I am, nevertheless, looking at how to host the service m’self: http://wiki.foxmarks.com/wiki/Foxmarks:_Using_Your_Own_Server

    Other than that minor complaint, it’s awesome (yeah, that “duplicate bookmark” import thing was really fraying the nerves).

  10. Now that’s interesting!

    Yeah, privacy is the concern, but if I can run the server myself too, then that’s a nice plus. It might also come in handy to share bookmarks as I’ve never really been into those social bookmarking sites.

    Thanks for that. I will check it out.

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